Legendary: Buffy The Vampire Slayer

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Lauraine loves the Marvel series and so we have been collecting but not really playing. Stephen has the Alien version, which was ok but didn’t grab me at the time. It wasn’t until Firefly came out that i can say i enjoyed a game and wanted to play again. It goes to show that theme is important to me, despite what i tell myself and the collection of euro games. Played a couple of times. As a solo game its quick, easy to setup/take down and with the introduction of a dark / light track, makes for some interesting choices. Until then, I’ve felt that these type of games tend to play you. Score of 32 soloing using the base rules. 4 games in and this is still an 8 for me. Playing solo so far and enjoying taking on the intro big bad but starting to look forward to some randomised mayhem. It might just be that this becomes one of my go to solo games. Its quick(ish), a bit of a puzzle, doesn’t feel like the winners been decided during setup and that my choices matter. Most importantly, i don’t need to refer constantly to a manual or rules guide and can have some meaningful decisions as part of gameplay to make. First random setup game tonight (22/11/17). The big bad was Angelus fighting against Riley, Xander & Tara, rolling dice to select both. The different way the plot twist works , made the whole day / night track less important for staying alive. Using the additional courage tokens to bring the smack down on Angelus swung it.