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Raised from 6 to 7. I don't have very many games that keep going up in rating instead of down so it's strange that this mostly-bland abstract game is on that short list. But it is, and I like it more every time. It's pleasantly simple in mechanics while also being complicated in thought and that's just my kind of game. Raised from 5 to 6. I think there's a fun game in here, but the presentation is sorely lacking.


Rating after 1 play. 3p. Dry. **Update** 2008/05/13 - Bumping rating up from 6.5 -> 7. It's still dry but the tension is just very thrilling. Still haven't played with more than 3 but I think the addition of the 4th will add even more to this. Lots to think about and plays in 60 min. PBEM - 2008/07/06 PBEM - 2008/08/15 2008/11/22 - Traded away as a prize during Magnesium 2008. (Got Democrazy as part of trade) Received 2008/04/01