Cutthroat Caverns

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My wife slaughtered me and our friend in our first game, as she just has a knack of sneaking in the killing blow. Had a lot of fun, especially with the more interesting and tougher monsters. I will add the monsters from the expansion for our next game, as these really make this game for me.


Had fun, but think I had higher expectations for it. Need the right group for this game. Fortunately I played with the right group but I can see that certain people would not have a good time with it. Mildly curious about the expansions but probably won't purchase them because I have only so much shelf space and so much board game money, and by so much I mean not enough...


I don't know if this game is broken or what. It doesn't talk to me, yet I continue to want to try to see what exactly doesn't quite work for us with this one.


Lighthearted fun that you shouldn't play with anyone unable to take being shafted. Or that is only playing to win.


I kinda like a little back stabbing in my games. This is a bit more sinister than a typical game of Munchkin.


Its ok. The enemies are neat, and the take that is pretty well executed. It feels like the game always comes down to the last few monsters however, and the group never really feels threatened as far as dying goes.


Didn't offer much excitement, mostly comes down to luck during card draws it seems.