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Played once, was quite nice. Might be added to the collection, not a must have.


I have only played once, but that one time was so much fun! I liked the aspect of recruiting lords to help your cause and the hunting for the best card. Awesome game dying to get it back to the table!


A very fun game. It's a pseudo-economic engine building game. It has a decent amount of strategy, but it can take a game or two to grasp. Speeds up a lot once everyone gets the hang of it.


:star::star::star::nostar::nostar: 1 play, 4 players, 3/12/15 A resource management game where you collect allies (cards) and pearls (money) in order to purchase lords (victory points) and districts (bonus victory points). The actions available on your turn are simple enough, but the interactions and dependencies can be a little obtuse. I won the game by a sizeable margin, but I think it was mostly due to luck of the draw and the player before me making sub-optimal choices that benefited me greatly. The artwork for the game is interesting. I really like it as art, but I think it hinders the gameplay. Simplicity would enhance the playability.


I received this game for Christmas last year, shortly after I got into board games. I am a sucker for artwork and that's the only thing I knew about this game when I put it on my list for Santa ha! The game is fairly light and easy to teach new players. There is a little bit of room for "take that" interaction but you are largely trying to collect sets, build cards for points/abilities, and collect location tiles that add score multipliers. The one complaint I have about the game is its "explore" action. You have a deck of smaller cards that you must draw/place o the board one at a time. Opponents get a chance to buy a card by giving you a pearl, if all pass, you can take the card. Otherwise, you keep drawing until the board is full, collecting the last card in the row along with 1 pearl. I like everything about this process except for the fact that all cards that weren't purchased/claimed get stacked in their specific color groups and placed face-down in an area of the board where the next player can scoop them all up in one turn. I suppose this adds to the "push your luck" nature of exploring. If you choose to collect a card early on in the explore action, then there's less cards to put back on the board. All in all, I'll be keeping this game in my collection as a great intro game for people with beautiful visuals to lure them in (pun intended lol).




2-4 players (best 4) 30-60 minutes


I love the art on this! It is colorful, dark, and mysterious and is based ocean life. The game play primarily revolves around collecting the high numbered card and trading those cards for 'Lords'. Lots of push your luck and take that elements. The game currency is pearls and the game actually include round plastic pearls that are held in clam shaped holders, not just cardboard tokens of pearls. I recommend this game for a fun lite experience.


A very good Euro. The weight is just right. There is a lot of input randomness but not much output. Though the game has multiple mechanics and VP sources, they flow well into each other. The game errs on the side of being too short. Like any game in which players can build an engine, you would not want a run away engine to bore other players, but the game seems to cut out before engines can really get going. The theme does not really make sense, though.


Fun and quick to teach. Looking forward to playing it some more. Art work is fantastic. Enjoyed every game so far. Plays better with more than 2 players for the auction portion of the game.


Set collection and push your luck.


The game is very fun and filled with many choices that feel like they matter. The artwork is amazing. Each time I play it I seem to like it better and better.


(10/17) 5. A VERY beautiful, solid push your luck/set collection game. Aside from the art, didn't really find it especially spectacular, but again...solid.