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A very good Euro. The weight is just right. There is a lot of input randomness but not much output. Though the game has multiple mechanics and VP sources, they flow well into each other. The game errs on the side of being too short. Like any game in which players can build an engine, you would not want a run away engine to bore other players, but the game seems to cut out before engines can really get going. The theme does not really make sense, though.


Fun and quick to teach. Looking forward to playing it some more. Art work is fantastic. Enjoyed every game so far. Plays better with more than 2 players for the auction portion of the game.


Set collection and push your luck.


The game is very fun and filled with many choices that feel like they matter. The artwork is amazing. Each time I play it I seem to like it better and better.


(10/17) 5. A VERY beautiful, solid push your luck/set collection game. Aside from the art, didn't really find it especially spectacular, but again...solid.