Bang!: The Bullet

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Party Game Played with: :d10-4:-players with :indigo::tobacco: wife and friends...:star::star::star::star::nostar: :d10-8:-players with :tobacco: work friends :star::star::star::star::star: Intend to play with: :indigo::corn::tobacco: Wife, Family and work/B&BG/CABS friends :coffee: Great for most unknown friends (might be slightly weird to ”Bang” random people) Possible Player counts: :d10-3::d10-4::d10-5::d10-6::d10-7::d10-8:-players Best with :d10-6::d10-7: Good at :d10-4::d10-5::d10-8: Acceptable :d10-3:-players :d6-1: Level of joy :star::star::star::star::halfstar: :d6-2: Must like: #hidden identity #player elimination :d6-3: Our copy contains base game and 3 expansions- BANG! - Dodge City - High Noon - High Noon II-exclusive High Noon cards - "New Identity" and "Handcuffs" - new characters - Uncle Will, Johnny Kisch, and Claus "The Saint"- One silver sheriff badge :d6-4: :heart: keeper value :arrowN: exceeds purchase price :d6-5: Similar to in my collection: Resistance Avalon, Lifeboat, Desert Island :d6-6: solo mode does not seem possible :jug: I love the theme. It handles the higher player count well as my group was genuinely interested in what happened to others. And in figuring out what team each player was likely on. This comes with 3 expansions, but we taught everyone with just the base game. The second game we added high noon round modifying cards, which don’t complicate things too much, but change up the rhythm of each turn. April 2019 $32.49


Very fun gameplay that often becomes humorous (with the right group). For me, this title loses some points due to the player elimination mechanic, which (especially in larger groups) often results in 1 or 2 players being eliminated early and then sitting around waiting for the game to end, which can last for some time. Overall, though, it's a good fun time and is another great gateway game.


Other games fill the roll better, like the Resistance. Also flavor is covered by BANG! The Dice Game in a much faster game.


In my limited experience, the extra expansions don't add anything interesting but give cards that are strictly better or worse than others. The instruction manual is not as good as the base game (not all cards are explained).


Bang takes way too long to play and has player elimination. Really dated design in a crowded genre.


I loved this game and probably overplayed it. Now, I don't really care if it ever gets played again but I keep it on my shelf because of how much I loved it.


Fun card game that works best with a lot of players. It has player elimination which is a minus for me, but it makes sense thematically.