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My favourite card game. Simple to explain, harder to master. Lots of take that and oh shit moments..... A step up from 7minit, less luck and needs a little more thinking. Not for every casual player, but usually a hit with even beginning gamers.I prefer it to Zooloretto from the game point of view, but Zooloretto is better for a social game around the table, especially with the kids.


Simple but addictive card game for 3-5 players.


Card Box


Nice filler. Simple, yet enough decision-making for such a short, light game to make it likely to hit the table often.


Excellent little game in a tiny package. Boils down decision making to essentials. Everything is out in the open and there. A little bit of luck. Great game, plays fast. What's not to like?


by Rudi

one of my best filler games


very good gateway game


by paka

Quick easy game, played quite a lot at parties or similar.


Fantastic filler game. Easy to teach and always fun to play. It's missing something to make it coming back to the table more often. Maybe it's the lack of theme.


There are other fillers that are as simple and more interesting.


Light and quick. A great alternative to Uno, etc...


Surprisingly good simple game. Very tricky decisions. Sometimes feels a bit mean - which isn't all bad - but some might not like it. Edit: Original rating (2013) = 8.5, Updated (2016) = 7.5


This is a perfect information game, where everything is displayed for all to see. The only randomness lies in what cards get drawn, but the crux of the game is deciding where to place drawn cards in an attempt to damage other opponents, or to take one of the piles. Simple rules, straightforward mechanics, and quick play time make this another gem (even if it is an older title) from Michael Schacht in our home.


Fun, light, little filler


My favourite filler game. Simple and fun. The screw-your-neighbour factor is good. Very quick to learn and to play.





Coloretto a game with an interesting honors position in my collection: it is the game I've given away the most. It's a light, packable card game, so it's great for travel. I've given a copy to my parents, to friends, and to a scouting troupe while backpacking the Long Trail in Vermont. I like Coloretto mainly due to the high level of interactivity and screwage in the game. You're constantly looking at what will benefit you and others, and trying to take the things you simply can't let someone else have. Because of this, you're always looking at the cards in front of yourself and the cards in front of the other players, constantly scanning and analyzing before choosing which pile you're going to pick up or where you're going to drop this particular card you turned over. There's a lot of "pissing in your opponents Cheerios".


I've played a lot of this, but mostly before I started logging plays. It's still a great little game.


Simple set-building mechanic. Everyone contributes to a variety of sets, and anyone can take a set at any time. You just have to be careful to get the best possible cards for your sets while dropping the worst possible cards for the other players'. My review of Coloretto can be found here:


by klz

Quite simply one of the best fillers on the market. More screwage potential and it first looks and despite the name and theme, one of the most colorblind firendly games I've ever seen.


Set building game with push your luck element.


I'll have to give this a solid 7 because that is what it is. With a drink or two, it becomes a magnificent laugh fest. 2007-06-15 - Bought 2010-04-30 - Gave away as part of April's Games for Geekgold 2017-09-16 - Bought starlitcitadel;


Coloretto is an incredibly simple game, with incredibly simple decisions. These decisions are rarely rewarding, as players will more often than not find themselves trying to prevent their opponents from scoring points, rather than pursuing points themselves.