Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition

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Setting aside the fact that it encourages turtling, setting aside the fact that the rules are a poorly-worded affront to usability, setting aside the grotesquely unbalanced everything (cards, chits, powers, etc. etc.) that have a huge effect on the game state, setting aside the fact that the victory conditions are at best stale and at worst utterly broken, setting aside the fact that the components themselves are some of the least user-friendly I've seen... Wait, what was I getting at? Oh, yeah. Setting aside all that, there's precious little to actually do! You're always constrained by artificially-imposed bottlenecks or the simple fact that in this "epic" 8 hour monstrosity you basically just play weaksauce Puerto Rico in space and slowly move your lumbering fleets around.


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A great game, but I'm not certain the experience quite justifies the time commitment. For what the game requires, I expected a little more than I got. Nonetheless it did a lot of interesting things and did some things better than any other game like it I've played.


Took us at least 3 plays to learn the gist, and then it got fun. Difficult for us to find enough people with that much free time. ;)


Well, one thing is for sure it would be even funner to play if the learning curve wasn't as huge, but to me this is the closest game to being the ultimate space strategy game. Star wars meet dune.


Wow. The word "epic", while descriptive, is an understatement. This game has it all, especially with the expansion. Only (nominal) downside: Long playtime... but bearable. Very bearable (for me, anyway... YMMV).


I probably played this and Eclipse for the first time each within a month of each other. Eclipse seems like the better game for me.


Dice combat sucks. Game is otherwise pretty fun.


In a vacuum, I probably would have enjoyed this more, but having played Game of Thrones I couldn't help but compare the two. Game of Thrones does everything better. My biggest gripe with this is, if I'm committing 6 hours to a game, I want to feel in control of what happens. This is too dependent on dice rolls and random objectives. Still, the space battles in this game are AWESOME and I would absolutely give it another play.


by 3MBG

Good game, another that requires long setup and time committment. Wish I could play more


Played a few times and traded away. Something lacking.. what I dunno.


Overwhelming at first for a lot of new players probably, but man this game has everything. Diplomacy, trading, civ building, discovery, and of course, lots of space conquest. If you can find the players (even 3 works ok, though it makes the already lackluster trade feature even more lackluster) who are willing to spend the time, it can be fun. However, the frist two players to start attacking each other will usually lose which seems to be a pretty serious issue.


This is certainly an experience. After 1 complete play, there is plenty to keep track of in this game. Additional player aides for ships etc is a must I think. Really enjoyed the experience, however, the objective cards with which to score VP's are completely random. Some of these being completely impossible to achieve, others relatively easy. It would make more sense these being race specific in the first place rather than pot luck. I would like to see more trade & diplomacy next time to see if this raises the gamed beyond what essentially turned into a combat centric game. It promises a lot, with different strategy cards, but whether due to our groups style of gaming, it certainly seemed some of them were less viable to win with. Coming more from a Euro background, the element of luck vs strategy is greater than I would have anticipated for such a lengthy game. last played 29.11.14. 3 player game. preliminary objectives vary greatly and meant player secret objectives were hard to get. Why this is in my collection Its a space epic, its occasion, played for the experience. From the games we've played, I would suggest its more prone to luck than strategy. Happy that we play this, even if its just once a year.


Box has dishing and shelf wear. All game components in good condition.


This game is just so much fun. Epic in every sense of the word, yet the rules are easy to grasp and the gameplay is very smooth.


Long. My tolerable time limit for games is about 2-2.5 hours. (Die Macher is an exception.) I tried to get into the flow of the game but I just couldn't; can you believe I was even thinking of buying this game? 2008-05-17 - Now played the 2p variant and it was amazing! Bumping rating up from 6->7.5. The 2p game finished in 3 hours including setup. I would definitely play this again. Also played a 4p game between these ratings and I liked it. There are a _lot_ of things going on and it is so very delightful. 2008-06-11 - Bought 2008-09-20 - Sold Fallcon 21 2012-10-11 - Bought StarlitCitadel - good price! 2017-06-25 - Sold CG 2017-08-?? - Bought CG for a great price; base + BOTH expansions 2017-09-19 - Bought 2nd base copy for SA rules;


The internet seems to love this game, and the ideas in this game make it seem really fun, but every time I've played has been boring, not engaging, and just a chore. Too much going on that ultimately ends up resolving itself in random dice rolls. No narrative has really developed in any game I've played. It's not the people I'm playing with either! They really enjoy thematic games and can pull a story out of thin air! They love RPG's, and working together to make a game an experience! But this game doesn't support that, it tells you you're a space virus that gives you a neat little ability, but mostly you play the same as everyone else and you've spent 8 hours pushing ships around on a board. I wish the galactic council was actually the focus of this game! It's the one redeeming factor, and I wish it played a bigger role! Instead it's just another option to let the player in the lead start winning more. I've said a lot about this game because I *want* it to be good. I *want* it to be Cosmic Encounter with an actual map and real diplomacy and a real story. But it fails at just about everything it does in practice, which is disappointing. Don't at me.