Dungeon Petz

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Only played a learning game so far. Not sure how I feel about it so would probably want to play again before deciding.


Easily my favorite worker placement game. Every aspect of this game is executed so perfectly. Reading through the manual is fun, and exciting, AND teaches you the game. The rules themselves make sense, so if you can't remember the rule, trying to think about what the rule would logically be is usually the right answer. The main board and player boards are beautiful to look at, and informative to the game. Every game piece fits perfect. And lastly, the pets! The cute little monster pets you take care of are amazing! This game gets you so invested in taking care of your pets, and giving them the best owners. It also works perfectly as a 2-player game, which makes it a great couples game. My wife and I will definitely be playing this one for years to come.


FULLY SLEEVED 109 x Swan PanAsia Space Alert/Dungeon Petz: Standard (SWN-049, 160/pack) - (41 x 67mm)


https://meeplelikeus.co.uk/dungeon-petz-2011/ https://meeplelikeus.co.uk/dungeon-petz-2011-accessibility-teardown/


Only good with 4 players. Decent worker placement game. Grinds to a halt every round as players figure out their own personal puzzle.


2-4, 90m


Dungeon Petz isn't fun, even when you're winning. Pret-A-Porter is similar, but way more engaging: it's also about running a tight business, but your products don't attack you.


Bidding for turn order in this game is delightful. Actions are incredibly scarce, especially the good ones, but so are your workers and cash, so making proper assignments is key. As a whole, the game has a little too much going on for my taste, and I often find myself gasping for air in the sea of bookkeeping, and less time racking my brain for optimal choices. This might become easier with experience, but despite its strong design, and potential for competitive play, its weight scares me away (especially if played with a crowd).


A game set in the Dungeon Lord universe from the same designer. In other words, another hit for me. It's different enough from Dungeon Lords that I can own both and not feel like they overlap too much. Plus who doesn't like a board game version of tamagotchi, but then getting to sell the tamagtochi's at the end after cleaning up all their poop.


(12/16) 8. (10/17) 8. While I'm very hit or miss on Chvatil games, I love Dungeon Petz. The art is hilarious as always with CGE/Chvatil, but the worker placement really speaks to me. I also love the aging of the "petz" and the need to manage your own "petz pen." Great game.