What is the Panzer General (R) Board Game? Petroglyph has turned the XBLA title released by UBISOFT into an easy to learn World War II board game. American and German units are represented by cards to be moved across a tile board. The tiles allow the players to set up the board to recreate any battle. Do those board tiles take a long time to set up? Each of the tiles are numbered on both sides. Players can set up a scenario from the rule booklet in just a minute or two. This system also makes it easy to set up random battle scenarios quickly. How is the game played? The game uses cards to represent forces deployed and maneuvered on a tiled map grid. Action cards give those forces bonuses in movement and combat. The game depicts scenarios between U.S. and German military forces from D-Day June 6, 1944 to the invasion of Germany in 1945.

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Panzer General: Allied Assault

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