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Simple, fun and fast game, I am not into abstract games, but my daughter loves this game, components are great!


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by Wyrd

This is chess for a new era. An intense spatial abstract wrapped in a presentation so delightful that you can con your children into learning it and then regret that immensely years later when you can no longer beat them. Power cards add lots of fun ways to spice up the base game or handicap/balance players of different ability. Having the two pawns to move/build allows for all sorts of fascinating strategies and traps. This one will be around a long long time.


This game is really great, easy to teach, quick to play, and has depth to it with its strategy. To me it's an instant hit.


Quick and easy game. Looks great.


Weight: 1.76 / 5


Bought this on kickstarter, simply for the looks. Have played a couply of games now with the basic gods and this is indeed a lot of fun. Unfortunately we don't play that many abstracts, but this one would be my go to choice.Haven't tried the 3p version or the Golden Fleece expansion yet, will probably trade away the expansion, as I don't need it.


This is a clever game that feels a bit like Hive or Chess. But I'm shit at those sort of "plan 5 moves ahead" games.A great game for the right sort of person though.


Aug 2017. Great game. Simple, clean gameplay, great components, and plenty of depth. I'm thrilled to have gotten this, especially at the (mistaken?) Target price of $20!


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OK, I get it. This feels like a game I played as a kid as well as modern games. It has like two rules and they're not even that complicated. The god cards don't do a whole lot but just enough to make you care. It's like Torres, but simple and fun. I still want to act like it's not as good as everyone says but it is.


WHAT A PHENOMENAL GAME!! Culled from the ranks of great abstracts like Chess, Santorini is a home run, not just in the simplicity of the game play, but in the quality and attractiveness of its components. You really look and feel like you're building a city with each game you play. Simple enough to teach to anyone, yet with enough depth to make each game different than the last, Santorini is the perfect game to close the age gap. Children as young as 8 can learn it within a few minutes, and they'll be playing it for life. The God cards elevate this game beyond its core move-build mechanics and offer much more strategy. Plus, with the variety of God powers included, the replay value is sky-high. A MUST PLAY for anyone that enjoys simple games that are simply enjoyable to play. One of my very few 10-rated games.


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*** expansion


Earns a full extra point on the strength of its lovely and cute components. I'm not one for puzzle-ish abstracts, but this one is at least short and not obtuse.


This very well could be one of the best abstracts out there. It's beautifully produced unlike most abstracts. It has a whole slew of replayability with all the asymmetric powers. And it just looks fantastic on the table.


I don't see what all the fuss is about. The components don't add anything to the game for me. Also, the powers seem to make things swingier and less strategic.




Beautiful component and theme... A game i love but lose always normally xD... Focus is important as one mistake move normally is the end of the game... more like waiting who to make a mistake ...


by sky

Two play (3p). I was surprised how much I enjoyed the 3-player experience as Santorini is regarded as being best at 2.


Absolutely LOVE this game. It is a definite eye-catcher on the table and packs SO much variability and strategy into simple game rules.






Just not my cup of tea at all. I struggle immensely with spatial games.


Great two player game that you can completely explain in two sentences. On your turn you move your worker one space and then build up one adjacent space. the first person to get a worker to the third level wins. That's it! It sounds simple but because you have two workers and because the board is so small it requires a you to plan several moves in advance and try to set up traps while preventing your opponent from laying traps. It includes workers and rules for three player games, but with three experienced players the game is very cutthroat and almost always ends with no winner. Finally, the game includes over 20 different god cards that allow you to do thing like build twice in a turn or move two spaces at a time. These allow for many variations of play and some ability to manually balance different skill level players. The components for the game are primarily stacking white plastic blocks and the art on the board and card are simple adorable depictions of Greek gods. The overall effect is a beautiful and elegant design that really masks that abstract nature of the game. I can't recommend this game enough!


Great condition.


The very best abstract game. Order the game based on the theme and the unique abilities. Received a very clever and thinky 2-player abstract that is elevated by the various player powers. Contains: Santorini: Golden Fleece


Updated my first play from a 6 to an 8. When played with the god powers (a must!), the game is super clever. I want to explore it more. Played: -Minotaur: Push opponent straight back -Triton: Extra move if ending movement on outside -Selene: Dome-dropper -Hera: Opponent can't win on outside -Chronos: Win after 5 towers built -Demeter: Build twice but not in the same spot


Beautiful abstract. This is an instant classic. The gods are not created equal (duh) so we need rule for drafting. + Santorini: Golden Fleece (2017)


Best: 2 Time: 20 Min Weight: 1.74


A little too light for me. Might be better with more than two players.


Abstract strategy


Concise, tense and interesting game! The 3D climbing aspect is engaging. Fun with or without powers.


I knew this was going to be in my wheelhouse. A wonderfully clean abstract with a 10 second rule rundown. The massive spread of god powers and incredible production give this game tons of replayability.



I cannot get it. The gameplay seemed so interesting on paper, but in reality it turned out dull and uninteresting. Maybe I need more plays to understand the game?


Wooden box insert, and expansion included.


Best abstract? Very nicely produced.


Great strategy and family weight. God cards are fun and add depth to the game. Components are nice and have a great table presence.


There's something about board games involving tiles/grids that I find enjoyable and somewhat soothing, similar to playing chess. Santorini was great fun from start to finish and the god cards throw so much variety into the playstyle and strategy. And, unlike some people who were turned off by the art, I for one love it. Definitely on my wish list.


Just a few plays in, but base game seems infinitely re-playable. Add in the roles and there is a lot of game here.


2-4 players (2v2 with 4) 20 minutes


Current favorite game, will always play it and it's beautiful Zeus version


I play a lot of games 2 player, but playing this as 2 player just ends up more like a chess match and I'm not much of a chess person.


Good game without the cards for learning to play without complexity Great game with the cards once mechanics are understood


Love abstract games and this one has a lot of variability. Im excited to see how all the gods interact with each other. The game seems very expandable with god/hero cards, which makes me excited about replayability.


Accounted For


Probably the best abstract in the world with the best art too.


Starts slow and the overall strategy can be one dimensional (force opponents off, block, win) but the tactical choices are still interesting. Player powers are great, add tons of variety and can be used to balance the game.


Won in a contest.


Santorini is a joyously puzzling abstract game. Most open information games have a tendency to feel as if the loser lost (by making a poor move) rather than the winner won. Santorini avoids this key pitfall. As such, Santorini is more about forcing your opponent into suboptimal moves, and exploiting their predicted movement to achieve victory. The rules are unbelievably short, especially for a game with such crunch moment, and the God cards add delightful new wrinkles to each game. A great game to explore, especially if you play against the same opponent each time.


The base game is great and I love how quick it is to teach. The god cards though. They make the game so great! I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much fun it’s been with 2 and 3 players!