War of the Ring (Second Edition)

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Second edition makes very minor technical and aesthetic improvements on the already brilliant original. For a card driven game it doesn't suffer too much from "memorize the deck or else!" syndrome--as long as you tell new players about a few key cards "don't leave Saruman alone if the ents are out!" "there is a card in here that lets an army with a leader move two spaces!" you should be fine. Probably the most flavorful LOTR game I've played, and being the LOTR fan I am that is enough to move it to my top game list. The main negative I can think of is that the dice pool is so small that a few bad rolls of the action dice can screw you at times, which can be a problem since the entire game is built around the action dice.


Excellent components! BEST artwork, less like the movies and more like old Tolkien book art. Update: I finally got this to the table (Collector's Edition, thanks Ian!!). I can't stop thinking about this game, the cards, the strategy, the cinematic and epic story that's told. [I]It is precious to me, though I buy it with great pain[/I].


Amazing game, I'm a huge LotR nerd, so this is just perfect for me. I want to get some more plays in and delve into cool strategies for each side


2-4 players (best 2) 150-240 minutes


Soooo thematic. I love LotR. I want to play this more often, but just can't get it to the table.


[Draw bags for randomize some tiles] [Sleeved]


Started playing with my brother, we went through the rules and enjoyed it a lot, but we had to stop playing since we didn't have enough time. We will start another game soon. The game feels and looks very epic, but it takes pretty long to set it up, so I will build a custom insert to reduce the set up time.




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