Cuba Libre

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Fantastic intro to the system. Dont know that the subject or the puzzle will hold up over time for me compared to other titles in the series.


A great introduction to the COIN series and the best one to play solo.


PROS -Asymmetric abilities and win conditions are fascinating and incredibly thematic. -Likewise, the way factions in the game have a somewhat parasitic relationship with one another makes for interesting dynamics. -Board, components, and cards are gorgeous. -The COIN action selection system makes for tough decisions. CONS -The amount of small rules and the need for flowcharts and tables to guide you through gameplay are a real deterrent to getting further into the game. -It can be upwards of a five-hour game but fortunes can be overturned with a single event card. And, if you've taken an action before a Propoganda card, there is no way to make one last optimal move. In the end, the game feels too random/luck-driven.




(3/17) 8. A brilliant war game with the depth, weight and card driven action reminiscent of Twilight Struggle...but maybe done in a more interesting way? I don't know. I haven't played either enough to make that call, but I really do love the completely asymmetrical factions offered by this game with wildly differing abilities and win conditions. I also think I like the heart of this game, the cards and the way they drive the game forward, more than I like it in TS, though part of me feels that's mainly due to this game supporting more than just 2 players, which I prefer in games in general. This is a rating I can see definitely rising with more plays. (10/17) Raise to 9. I'm in love with deeply strategic and deeply thematic historical games. My #7 game of all time.