Urban Sprawl

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My experience with this is marred by a few card-related issues: 1. Cards in different packs (but same deck) are cut to different sizes. Thus, shuffling is a bear. 2. Cards are somewhat brittle. Folded the corners on two cards during a game by accident. This has never happened before. The material is a bit too stiff. 3. Cards have an odd coating and quality about them that causes them to stick. The game is fine, but I spent more time messing with the problems with cards (again, QUITE uncharacteristic), that they simply "got in the way." :( We'll see what sleeving does for this one. I think it's mandatory, if I had to guess at this point.


Plays long than it should due to the mathiness but does an adequate job of simulating the building of a city. Events limit long term planning potential but don't significantly impact my enjoyment. The contractor is a forced catch up mechanism that keeps players involved when they would otherwise probably be discouraged that there is no chance for them to win.


2011-11-03 - Arrived. 2012-09-23 - Played for 1st time; *le sigh* 2017-05-22 - Sold


Urban Sprawl is a game of tactical opportunism. Players must adjust to the ever changing value-landscape to shape the city to their will. The balance of prestige and wealth provides a strong narrative arc and challenges players identify the optimal pivot point. The building powers and various events create unwieldy power swings, but once familiar with these effects players can plan around them well enough. The public offices offer powerful abilities that must not be ignored, and create a very enjoyable tug-of-war for political capital. Unfortunately, this game is far too long and overly tedious. With little room for long-term planning, Urban Sprawl is all tactics all the time which becomes monotonous over its extended duration. The unrelenting frequency at which regional majorities are assessed make its length even more oppressive. It has a strong foundation that needed more trimming, but its deserves an occasional place on the table.


Got this for free from GMT games along with Dominant Species, haven't tried this one yet.