The Castles of Burgundy

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Excellent game! A lot of choices for the players. The constrains of the dice rolls limit those choices somewhat, but that just means that the players can gamble or play it safe since the dice can be manipulated with some safe play. A lot to do and a lot of fun. INCLUDED: The Castles of Burgundy: 1st Expansion – New Player Boards The Castles of Burgundy: 2nd Expansion – New Hex Tiles The Castles of Burgundy: 4th Expansion – Monastery Boards The Castles of Burgundy: 5th Expansion – Pleasure Garden






This game gets an 8 from me, but the extra 2 come from my wife. This is the boardgame that turned her desire to play boardgames of one to appease me, and spend time with me, to her asking to play boardgames, and actually enjoying them. CoB, by all accounts, should be the most boring game ever, but it's really the opposite. The tension it creates both with what you're attempting to build, and what the other player(s) are building is so great, and keeps building throughout the game. It's great, and everyone should play it at least once.


This is a fine game, I see the bones of a good, even brilliant design. But it bores me to tears. I like efficiency puzzles, I like dice rolling +mitigation, I like the general weight of the game. I should like this game. But after over a dozen plays I still am just bored by it.


Nice and thinky most of the time, a little dry on theme though. Could have the tiles differentiated a bit better.


8.1 / 2-4 Best 2 / Overall 10 / Strategy 8 / 3.05 (2016 DT People's Choice #15, rated 10 by Reddit user)




31-12-2012 Wow, what a surprise this was. I had read some of the comments and added this to my secret santa wish list, thinking at the time it sounded interesting enough without knowing too much about the game. Well, having played one game, I like it, a lot. We picked up the rules as we went as the manual was self explanatory in terms of actions but found ourselves referring to the technology and building cards to get a better understanding of specific cards. Can't wait to play this again. 20-03-2013 Still enjoying this game and changing my rating to a 9. Printed a player aid off from the geek. Why this stays in my collection While assigning dice rolls to represent different options isn't unique (Alien Frontiers). Draw of the tiles provides the element of luck, but the fun is making the best use of your options available.


Includes meeple realty insert with 4 dice towers.


Wow! That's a lot of game for the relatively small box and average production quality. Absolutely brilliant!


2-4 players (best 2) 60-90 minutes


Great medium-weight game with an interesting dice mechanic. I really wish the tiles had icons on them instead of having to compare the building graphics all the time.


Lots of fun—we enjoyed the dice mechanic and loved the different tiles and variety of scoring options. In our first play we didn’t really get into the yellow tiles but I’m sure that will come with practice. We wish the component quality was higher—we both felt that the tiles were too thin and poorly cut.


2-4, 90m


The only Feld I like. Good 2p game that can be slammed out in about an hour.


2012-10-28 - I won my first play (4p) of this at Fallcon 24. I thought it was one round too long. It was ok and I would perhaps play it again. 2016-08-15 - Bought BoardGameBliss 2018-10-28 - 2nd play (2p)... exactly 6 years ago! Rating 6.5 -> 7 2018-11-18 - Enjoyed with the missus; 7 -> 8 (she says 9)


City/countryside development powered by unpredictability. Each turn you use two dice to randomly determine what buildings you can plan, what board locations you can build upon, what goods you can sell, and what resources you can gather. Careful planning and management of the randomness is rewarded with points from a variety of categories. The first several times I played I had to constantly ask "How do you score points again?" because there are so many multi-step processes involved.


Fun game, low rules overhead


Very enjoyable, looking forward to more plays. Will need to re-evaluate after more plays.


(+) Smooth and unique mechanics, nice balance of luck and skill, excellent way of deciding 1st player, plays well at all player counts, great price, simple to teach with a lot of depth to the gameplay, multiple player boards and random tiles for variability, subtle player interaction, clear rules (-) Bland artwork and color scheme, some tiles seem weak at certain player counts, theme is not brought out in the mechanics, poor insert, thin player mats


[Draw bags for randomize some tiles]


THE game that got us into collecting Eurogames. We learned this at a board game cafe and basically immediately bought it.


What a delightful game. Sure, the artwork is awful but the game itself is wonderfully designed with great decisions. Perfect for 2 players, never played with more.


A brilliant design, its fresh every time and always a blast.


Dry, but fun. Seems to program your choices, but I love tile-laying games. Update: I'm seeing a lot more to this game now. Love it.


It is not pretty looking, but it is very enjoyable, and the dice are implemented in a compelling way. Player interaction is limited, and downtime can be a bit of an issue, but the total game length is nice overall. I love the puzzle of optimizing each turn, and the point-salad nature of the game, but the perpetual bookkeeping occasionally turns me off. It is very common for players, turns later, to exclaim, "Oh, I forgot to score points for [insert one of the million scoring methods here]."


can someone put out a better edition of this game? please!


Love that it plays 2 players so well, seeing as this is my SO and mine's go-to "long" game. Top 5 material right here.


No Review Description


This game is a lot of fun. The dice makes you originally think that a lot of luck is involved but really the dice hardly affect the outcome of the game. I do think that the first player has a large advantage and that water tiles are not useful to play but maybe as our strategies evolve we will learn otherwise.


Absolutely one of my favorites


A very interesting game that has a puzzle like nature to keep you thinking the entire time you are playing.


Gift from Meaghan and Adam! (8/16) 8. (10/17) 8. Such a wonderful game whose artistic drabness you barely notice because the rest of it functions so well. I'm actually sort of happy about how cheap and functional this game is because I imagine it helps keep the cost so low and love the idea that this low priced gem is helping many people see the magic of Euro games.