To win Amis Cube, build your cube faster than anyone else!

Amis Cube is a 3D block puzzle with more than 300,000 combinations. To set up for a round, reveal a mission card, then assemble the unique Amis pieces into the blocks indicated by the mission parameters, e.g, create three blocks each of three pieces, two blocks of four pieces, and two blocks of five pieces. You then assemble these blocks into a 3x3x3 cube, adjusting them as needed (while staying within mission parameters) to ensure that you can create a cube. Once you do this, you disassemble the cube into the blocks that you've created.

Players then reveal a draft card to indicate which size block they should pass; each player individually chooses one of their blocks, then they pass them simultaneously in the direction indicated, after which they each race to build a 3x3x3 cube first, now with one of the opponent's blocks in place of their own. Players score points depending on their order of finish each round, and if you have the best score after four rounds, you win!

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