Mage Wars Arena Core Set

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Good game, but it goes into the depths of wanting to buy and deck build so much. Essentially it's magic the gathering with tactical combat thrown in to enhance it.


I was very pleasantly surprised by this one. The front-loading seems more daunting than it actually is, ditto for the rules. I have some doubts about balance, but with luck the deck-building compensates for that. [EDIT] This can easily degenerate into a slog, which is exactly what I do not want in a game of this ilk.


Tom Vasel's Top 100 2012 #4 +10 card promo pack from dice tower Maybe just me but after playing it. I was just a whole lot of meh. I just did not care and for what it is took too long to play. Maybe I did something wrong, but it really fell flat for me. I so wanted to love this game.


Fantastic game. My favourite points are the liberty of choosing any spell from your spell book and not drawing randomly off a spell deck and the spatial element which allows for tactical moves of your creatures and range limit of the spells.


Best: 2 Time: 90 Min


This game has so much potential. Turning the traditional CCG deck into a spellbook was an excellent design choice that mostly works out very well to reduce luck. However, the designers made the critical mistake of adding DICE to the game. Why would you reduce luck in card draw just to add it back in (in much worse form) with dice? It's also not as if the dice just get used occasionally. They are used ALL THE TIME. Could've been a great game, oh well.


This game was sick. Hopefully I can get in more games of it!


Gigantic game that's hard to get to the table, but definitely fun when you get it there. Lots of keywords to learn, but flows really well after one or two plays.


A straight PvP game with cards acting as miniatures on the board. It's interesting, but leans closer to an LCG type feel which just isn't something I typically enjoy.