HMS Dolores

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Super rock/paper/scissors! This game is pretty fun as long as you don't play it for too long. Play too long with the same people though and the interesting mind games from earlier become predictable and grating.


Not enough incentive or punishment for new players to not just do the fist every time...


Fun rock-paper-scissors type game.


Very interesting concept for a game. Disappointing components for the price you are paying though. That takes it down a whole point for sure. Really like the idea though, it will get some play for sure.


Thus far it seems to work fine and a low player count negotiation game is rare, but it seems a Every player needs to be equally into the negotiation, and one person who just isn't interested in talking can severely hamper the turns they're involved in. It's bizarre.



(2/17) 5. Was really excited by a Lang / Fadutti partnership on a light filler and was interested in the paper scissor rock variant. That said, my first play was definitely lackluster. Maybe our group was too nice, but it didn't really often seem to be in people's best interests to backstab, which would have added much needed spice to this game. Traded away at Orc Con '17. (10/17) Drop to 3. Some people online have argued this is a better game than I claimed, so maybe I need to try it again.