Merchant vessels traveling by sea have successfully been used to carry exotic goods between nations, exposing the citizenry to novel and fascinating new products. Merchants willing to brave the risks and send their ships out to discover, trade, and deliver cargo to other nations have been reaping the sizeable financial rewards. Unfortunately for these merchants, they have more to worry about than the tempestuous seas or navigational mishaps. Several enterprising individuals have banded together to waylay these merchant ships and seize the cargo for themselves.

These shipwreckers light signal fires along the rocky coast to lure in unsuspecting merchant ships. Once a ship has crashed on the rocks, its cargo will often wash ashore-right into the waiting arms of the shipwreckers. Of course, even the must industrious independent operations have occupational hazards, and shipwreckers are no different. Should two rival shipwrecking crews reach a crate at the same time, they must find a way to agree (or not) as to how the loot should be divided.

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