Deception: Murder in Hong Kong

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This one was okay, but it's not something I'm going to seek out again in the future. I thought the setting and premise of the game was interesting, but there's not really any intrigue or meat there for me. In the end, I didn't really enjoy playing it, I was just going through the motions and there wasn't anything challenging or interesting about the game in the end once you get over the initial intrigue.


Great game for groups of 5+. Would like more red cards though.


It's fun, period.


fun deduction game. I would like to play as the lead investigator to see how that roll works, but still a fun game. I like that all the clues are in front of you and you have to make guesses based off of all the information that the lead gives you. overall pretty fun game.


A perfect blend of The Resistance and Mysterium. Plays quickly and is always fresh and new with the wealth of cards available.


I'm not a big fan of social deduction games. I just don't do deceit well apparently. This is probably the best one I've played so far though. There's more going here then just trying to figure out who is lying and who is telling the truth. Fun for me as the forensic scientist or an investigator, less so when I'm the murderer. This is the game I drag out when I have a lot of people that would rather talk than play a complicated boardgame. It always seems to go over well and I'm often surprised how capable of deception some folks are.


Like new condition, adult own, non smoker


I would describe this as The Resistance meets Mysterium. For me, that's high praise. It seems to hit a sweet spot for some that's between the hyper-analytical logic puzzle of Resistance and the very interpretive Mysterium.


One of our most played games. It's super simple to setup and teach with a great theme. Anyone that has played Clue will instantly understand what's going on. It's always a hit. I will say that the game lacks a decent structure so we've house ruled how each round works. Also the game in our group is way too easy so we have everyone with a total of 10 clues in front of them instead of 8. Even at 10 we've found that it can still be fairly easy to figure out who the murder is unless the Forensic Scientist is just awful. We may eventually bump it up to 12 per person.


shipped November 4th - never received so they are shipping again registered 12/5/2014 (


I received this game as a Christmas gift, opened it and reviewed the rules in a matter of minutes before playing multiple games with my relatives (many of them non-gamers). This game is a great addition to the social deduction genre and I can't wait to see what future expansions might add!


Deduction game of sorts with one player needing to remain hidden and the others aiming to find that player. All based on particular cards in front of each player.




This is a game about trying to solve a murderer and send the murderer to jail. The murdered is a hidden role so deception is necessary, hence the name. The game is set in Hong Kong and as such the tiles are both English and Chinese. The art and the subject matter are pretty dark.


We loved this game. It's challenging but may be the most fun and engaging social deception and deduction game. The limited tools of the clue-giver are really challenging and the push and pull between the murderer and the witness are really entertaining.


Very good condition. Just doesn't get played much anymore. A much better social deduction game than werewolf IMHO. Needs to have all the roles to be a good game (6-8 players).


Excellent deduction game,and it accommodates large groups. Fun discussions. INCLUDED: Undercover Allies


Very fun deduction game.


A solid party game that requires just a bit to much setup for my tastes. The game flows well if you have someone who is familiar to lead the session, otherwise play mistakes are surprisingly easy to make. When a session goes well though it is quite fun. If you and your group like social deduction games this is worth looking at for sure.


A wild hit every time I break it out. Always played at least a few times in a row. I wish some of the clue tiles weren't so useless/unhelpful.


Really strong alternative to Resistance that leads to very unique table talk. Just the right amount of actual deduction VS social deduction/interpretation. Also the theme and presentation are great.



Good social deduction. If you like mafia/werewolf but you want more than conjecture to go off of, this is for you. Better than The Resistance.


4-12 players (best 7-8) 20 minutes


this is a party game based on more on logical deduction, not as much social deduction. Much better game.


This went from not getting a lot of play to seeing the table a lot with larger groups. It's replaced Secret Hitler in terms of social deduction games and it doesn't force anyone to really lie overtly. Seems easy at lower player counts.


It takes social deduction and actually gives useful information to the players. A mix between mysterium and resistance.


Non-boardgamer friends love this. I wish it came out more often. Don't see the need to get the expansion until it's hitting regular rotation.


Mysterium meets Resistance, as player assume hidden-roles and try to oust the murderer/accomplice based on somewhat abstract clues from the mute forensic scientist. There isn't much structure to the game, which helps facilitate the discussion and debate amongst the players. I prefer Mysterium, but given it's surprisingly quick play time, it lends itself more to the filler space anyway.


Neat social deduction game that blends The Resistance and Mysterium. Played a 4 player game just to get the feel and mechanics of the game down and I don't see this playing well with less than 6. Definitely a large party game for gamers, but easy enough for newcomers to grasp. Between this and Secret Hitler, I see The Resistance getting booted from my collection...




(9/16) 8. Fantastic party game that is a little more involved than the usual fare. (9/17) Raise to 9. Consistently a hit whenever I bring it out. Playing with the accomplice more has really added to the fun.


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