Eldritch is a game set in H.P. Lovecraft’s gothic world of unfathomable creatures and ancient powers. From 3 to 5 players, you play cultists vying for the favour of the Great Old Ones who slumber away the ages in their mythical prisons across the cosmos.

Travel to strange locations in search of fragments of spells and glyphs of power; uncover ancient mysteries, defeat challenges, and risk your very sanity to be the first player to conjure the manifestation of your favoured deity.

Cast spells, send twisted beasts to assault your foes, and build your own power base – using your own sanity to fuel your efforts. Risk too much and you will go irrevocably insane…

With art by the amazing Will Liu, Eldritch features a slew of cards, dice, madness counters, and… four giant and gorgeous models of the Great Old Ones: Hastur, Nodens, Cthulhu, and Ithaqua which are your ultimate goal and the means by which you will crush your enemies!

Coming in 2016

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