Eminent Domain: Microcosm

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Game is okay. Rulebook is beyond unforgivable.


Clever. Short. Ultimately forgetful.


A little to light, with poorly formatted rules. The art and theme is still good, but I don't have much use for two player games in my collection.


Review/Teardown drafted


This is really far and above one of the best mini-games. There are really good choices to make, strategy, thought, and interest. On the negative side, the rules are not even close to being thorough enough. They leave out SO much. I have played, read all the rules threads and still have questions. I hope I am playing it right. For the price, this is a great buy. I still prefer Race to it for my space game of choice for 2 players, but this is still a very interesting game with a lot of depth for its length and price. I would say this is a very excellent buy at the price.


2 player 15 minutes


A surprising amount of depth for such a small game. It is an ideal filler. The learning curve can be steep because the rulesheet is sparse - just read the words on the card and follow them exactly. Read the rules forums if still in doubt.