Core Worlds

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Weight: 2.89 / 5


A very successful attempt at using deckbuilding within the framework of a relatively traditional Eurogame. I was impressed.


Really fun game, can't wait to play it more.


This title suffers from some serious analysis paralysis tendencies. Even without meaning to do so, I feel a bit too absorbed in performing strength comparisons with two degrees of freedom (and with the need to plan ahead) that in THIS CASE the game became more a chore -- and I am a meaty game fan too. This isn't to say this isn't a good game, but just that it wasn't as much fun as I am accustomed to, is all. This title could easily have been produced in a MUCH smaller box without compromising quality or theft prevention.


Interesting variation of deck building genre... Needs more plays to fully grasp its particularities.


I really, really, really like this game. An 8 is probably going to be to low after multiple plays. I want the expansion for sure.


There is a good game here. Deck building combined with action points. However, keeping track of everyone's energy and actions is a little too fiddly. There is also A LOT of text to take in the first several games. This makes a teaching game extremely long and it makes it hard to get the game back to the table.


Finally got this to the table, and it was a lot of fun. Wasn't sure I would actually like it before playing, just knew the theme drew me in.


March 2013 - I would recommend buying the expansion with the base game. You know how some games which are good become broken with a poorly designed add-on, well this is the opposite. Seriously, buy the two together and have fun. This is my first deck building mechanic game which having learnt, made the experience enjoyable. July 2013 - When i get to play this , Still enjoying it. Increasing rating from 7.5 Received 1/7/15 - Dice Tower Core World promo cards. Immolation Squadron, Le'Sav,Mutabot,Tower of Infinite Dice, Tower Fanatics :)


Can't find my copy?!


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