Direwild board game
Direwild board game


Assume the role of 1 of 10 different heroes, each with a unique deck comprised of basic creatures (mostly puppies and kittens), that you will Summon them to aide your hero in battle!

Use Attack to help your hero fight and your Charm to gain new creatures for your deck! The choices you make regarding these creatures will dictate how powerful your hero becomes and the style of hero you will be!

All the while, players will need to work together as a team, moving tactically around the land, using their magic wisely to fight the minions of Karn, and collect treasure to save the world of Direwild!

* 182 creature cards
* 32 lock cards
* 23 minion cards
* 19 Karn cards
* 25 wound cards
* 30 treasure cards
* 20 AI cards
* 2 D6 die
* 5 double sided hero boards
* 4 helper boards
* 1 land board
* 1 main board
* 10 hero standees (or miniatures)
* 4 Minion standees
* 1 Karn standee
* 4 treasure tokens
* 12 wooden cubes
* 4 turn order tokens
* 30 gems

MSRP: $59.99

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  • 2-4 players (best 2-3)60-90 minutes
  • Weight: 3.00 / 5Includes Wooden Insert
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