Hero Realms

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Dominion-like game play where you have a basic starting hand of cards (divided between attack and coins). Buy from a bank of 5 face-up cards with coins, and attack opponent with your Attack. Very simple and quick. Quite a lot of randomness in what cards come out as the 5 available, which could really hinder your combo-potential.


Got this game for the Board Game Reddit Gifts 2017 and was very positively surprised by it! It's M:TG meets Dominion. That's a game I'll be packing with me wherever I go.


by paka

Rated with classpacks. Without classpacks, its the Star Realms with better graphics.


How are the instructions for this simple game so bad? There's not even a basic setup section, or at least one that makes sense. I hate crap like this - Epic did it to me too. Was Star Realms a fluke, or did I just gloss over terrible rules and design because the game was so easy to figure out. At least that had spaceships.


fantastic game. I played star realms a lot on my phone and literally the day I added it to my cart white wizard announced this game. I love the fantasy theme a lot better and I love how fluid this game is. I feel like it is a small deck builder that packs a huge punch and really gives me the feeling of attacking my opponent.


The asymmetric decks are cute, so that makes me slightly prefer this over Star Realms (despite my general preference for sci-fi--but come on, the theming here is wafer-thin anyway); but it's basically the same game.


Star Realms in a fantasy setting. I like the idea of the character packs but I still think I'd prefer Star Realms just a tad more.


Fast playing deck builder. Start small and quickly ramp up. Plays very quickly. INCLUDED: Hero Realms: Character Pack – Cleric Hero Realms: Character Pack – Ranger Hero Realms: Character Pack – Fighter Hero Realms: Character Pack – Wizard Hero Realms: Character Pack – Thief Hero Realms: The Ruin of Thandar Campaign Deck


Good on its own, great with the class starter decks.


2-4p BEST 2 / 20-30m / 1.63 (Deck Building)


Even with the characters I still prefer Star Realms. It's faster, more visually clear, and the cards require less upkeep. Hero Realms is fine and I'm happy enough to own it for now, but we still play Star Realms more and I don't see that changing.


A great evolution of Star Realms. Much more damage oriented, but unlike Cthulhu Realms, the expressive cards are actually good. I am still not sold on the two gold card in the starting deck. I will have to play it more to see how it is. Overall, a great game and I cannot wait until I get campaign mode or a digital implantation to play it more.


Great fun, beautiful artwork. Can be both swingy and drawn-out, much more so than Star Realms. Hero expansions are great.


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