Diamant/Incan Gold

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Fun push-your-luck game. Far too random and chaotic to take as anything but a light laugh. Enjoyed by people of all ages. The theme is fun to play around with. A bit too fiddly with the gem counting and gathering.


Very light push-your-luck game of reading the other players and hedging your bets. Can be really fun in the right setting or with the right group. Definitely of the family weight filler variety. Can feel a bit repetitive.


Essen '17


Played with 3. Not that fun. Maybe with more people?


I own the 2nd edition. This is a fun little push-your-luck game with more theme than Can't Stop...but Can't Stop is a cleaner game. I wish the cards were poker-sized or at least Yugioh-sized. The art isn't to my taste at all.


The perfect game for a medium to large group of non-gamers.


One of the best push-your-luck games out there.


A purely press-your-luck game that actually lets you press your luck twice. The first and most obvious press is choosing whether or not to continue exploring (pressing against the deck), but the second is choosing when to leave the temple (pressing against your opponents). Diamant glimmers most at higher player counts when the social deduction element associated with that 'second press' is at its most excruciating. The rapid play time, and scalability make this a worthy press-your-luck addition.


$22.99 15-Dec-14


Fun little push your luck game my SO fell in love with. Great filler game with just enough luck to want to play again and again.


(11/15) 8. (9/17) Drop to 7. This maybe should rise again, it's just SUCH a pure press your luck game, absolutely wonderful. Perhaps it's the fact that that is ALL that there is to this. There's also a little bit of a runaway leader issue which can lead to some anticlimactic later rounds, but still...fantastic game.


A light push-your-luck game that is very engaging for kids and amusing for adults.