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Very nice economic game with a variety of mechanics that work well together. There are always meaningful decisions to be made. Very good.


Macao is an OOP game I was excited to play but fell short of my expectations. Some of my issues with the game: -The wind rose, the card play, and the mini-games on the board all felt disjointed in a cobbled together kind of way. -The card draw is too random and swingy. -Going first is potentially too powerful due to the ways cards range in their extreme activation prices. -Money is insanely tight. -Buying points, building connected shipping houses, shipping goods, and planning out cubes for future actions ultimately made for boring game decisions. -Too much set up and faffing about for what it amounts too. These issues make the game feel much older than 2009. I think, by today's standards, this game would have gotten reworked quite a bit. A couple things that stand out in my mind that would be simple fixes: -Give players income of 1 to 2 gold per round. Or, give them one of those starting office cards that allows them to exchange 1 cube for 1 gold. Or, even better yet, allow players at any time to sell a certain amount of cubes for gold. -Separate cards into three "eras", something like what you see in Glen More, London, or a dozen other games. First era cards would help you get your engine up and running, second era cards would allow you to develop your strategy through specific abilities, and third era cards would give you really cool abilities but you'd only be able to possibly use them in the last four rounds of the game. Another Feld where I can honestly say: I'd rather play Rialto.


Buen juego , donde a la derecha esta la ciudad donde se compran bienes y a la izquierda el mapa donde se entregan los vienes.


One of the best Euros I have played. Very interesting mechanics and lots of tough decisions.