Catan: Junior

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Since I bought this to play with my son, I didn't have high expectations of it. However, after a single play, I am surprised to say that this is perhaps a better game than regular Settlers of Catan (non-Junior version). Basically, this "kid's" game streamlines it down to a 30 min affair by getting rid of player to player trading (although that is an official variant), cities, longest road, and VP developments. It has the same feel of regular Settlers, and even scales down to 2 players by using a double-sided board--why doesn't the other game do that?At this point, I would rather play this than regular Settlers--even among adults. Also worth noting is that the production quality is poor compared with other Euro publishers and even other Mayfair games. Instead of wooden bits, it has plastic. The box is also very thin cardboard, as well as the board. The goods are shaped cardboard tiles that don't stack well. And it doesn't come with plastic baggies to put the pieces in. About the only bits that are of decent quality are the Coco tiles, player aid tiles, and the die.


Junior did not like it very much.


Much better than full Catan. The game is quicker and there is less risk of getting blocked in. Also, the flat probability curve makes bad luck just a bit more bearable.


Easier to play with non-gamers than regular Catan Maybe a stepping stone to introduce non-gamers to regular Catan


I wanted this to be better than Catan as it seemed more streamlined, but in the end it's still just a luckfest. Any semblance of choice the game presents to you really has no effect on if you win or lose.