As the owner of a new food truck, you're eager to make your mark with great food and fast service. Hire staff, shop for ingredients, take customer orders, prepare tasty dishes, and earn critical wards. At the end of the day, only the most popular ruck can be the Food Truck Champion! Be careful, because a player can take advantage of your actions by following you! Timing is everything if you want to serve up a hot meal and be the cream of the crop. The game ends when 2 out of the 3 Popularity Token stacks are empty. Players count up their Popularity tokens, Flavor Profile Bonuses, and points for Signature Dishes. The player with the most Popularity becomes the next Food Truck Champion!

* Active play truck token
* 5 food truck boards
* 5 owner cards
* 5 starting order cards
* 95 game cards
* 24 popularity tokens
* 6 critique tokens
* 1st player card
* Rulebook

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