Scrabble board game

Put letters together, build words, add up your points and win! This classic game features the classic Scrabble equipment for a big-time word-on-word showdown. Do you see a word your opponent hasn't seen. A double or triple letter or word space that will let you earn big points. Could the luck of the draw win you the game. Use your letters to score points and challenge your family and friends. It’s your word against theirs! Scrabble and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

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  • Lots of fun - use a bag to ease set up Note: I've got the Vintage Collection version
  • For me and my wife
  • It’s still a pretty great game, even after all this time. I feel I should rate it higher but it’s not a game I’d choose in place of so many other choices now, so it’s not going to be rated as highly as it would have been in the past. Still a classic. Still a game that will be around long after most games are long out of print.
  • A classic!
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