House of Borgia

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I'm not a huge fan of Liar's Dice to begin with, and this additional layer of powers and area influence didn't grab me. There might also be some degeneracy with respect to seating order and death spirals, as well.


An ok game. It plays quickly = bonus. It is aesthetically pleasing, always good. I debated on backing this on kickstarter, but am glad I passed. A friend of mine actually got it so that worked out perfectly. It would have sucked if we both got a copy. I have never played Liar's Dice either, which is always brought up when describing this game. I am guessing I won't be a fan of that either. My expectations were too high obviously. It felt like a Party game, but a poor mans version - 6 max. We played with 4 (twice) and I have a feeling that it would feel tooooooo long with 5+ Maybe my opinion will change with more plays. I am more than willing to play again, and wouldn't be surprised if we were missing something that might make it better. Sometimes a game just needs the right group etc to shine. I don't know, but it was simply uninspiring and just didn't grab me.


Trying so many things in hopes of being good, and it just becomes kind of a jumbled no-fun mess.