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I thought this was alright, but I didn't get wowed by anything in the game and I just am not sure I'd be interested in revisiting it. I'd play it if someone else suggested it, but I doubt I'd seek it out or anything.


Can run a bit long and has a bit of multiplayer solitaire feel due to low player interaction. But the dice + worker placement mechanic is fun.SOLD, ConnCon 2019


by paka

Good use of dice. A bit similar with StoneAge in that dice actualy does work here. Variation on the worker(dice)-placement. 2nd/3rd play should be better as diffrent stragies/building-paths start to matter more.EDIT. 2nd/3rd were better. But 6th/7th started to get stale again. Its a good game but a bit long for what it is. Arguably has very good expansion, but expensive one again.


Kingsburg is a dice game, but I find it takes a bit longer than it should. This is really my only gripe - I enjoy the game. Were it a faster paced game, it might make the cut, but I'm willing to part with it.


A little too long, a little too stale, and a little too random--but it's got some great ideas. Shame they weren't executed a little bit better, as this one might be on the cusp of greatness. Some advisers are clearly better than others, and the battles are just kinda all over the place.


1.5 x


People's Choice Top 100 2012 # Tom Vasel's Top 100 2012 #57


Gave to Greg & Megan Frankamp on 2019-11-19


I like the way that you can mitigate your dice luck with all the different roles. A fun quick game.


Lots of dice-rolling, where it's unfortunate if you roll low consistently. If your first few rounds have low rolls and your opponents roll high you aren't likely to catch up even if things even out.


Nice dice rolling mechanic. The year-end battles always seem too easy though.


Had a good time playing. I think I want to play at least three player to get a little more feel for the game though.


Clever new mechanics. However, dice are not my friends. There don't seem to be enough dice rolls throughout a game to even up the luck. A little prone to analysis paralysis. Fun take-that factor, but not enough. Beautiful components.


With expansion buildings and winter reinforcements printed on card stock.


Great game ....


Needs its expansion, which won't be available again until the reprint. The reprint has uglier art.


Too much dice rolling for my taste.


I like this game, but the luck of the dice can be infuriating. Our last game, a player at the table was first in turn order the entire game, never rolled higher than an 8, and several times rolled 6 or under. On top of that, early bad rolls are far worse than mid-game ones. This is a hard one to rate since I think the expansion raises it to an 8 or 9.


2-5, 90m


Don't like the fantasy theme but otherwise a pretty good game.


This is a thematically fun and mechanically solid game, with just the right amount of luck for my tastes, at it's core is a sort of worker-placement-with-dice mechanic. However, there does seem to be a best strategy, both when placing influence (Can I somehow make my dice add to 14 this turn?) and when constructing buildings, which detracts from the replay value a bit. The combat mechanic leaves much to be desired. In my mind, it either needs to go away completely, or raise the stakes and complexity a bit to make it a big climactic experience. The To Forge a Realm expansion helps with the replayability concerns.


After 12 plays of this my record is 11-1. The loss was by 3 points to someone who played my strategy and rolled one more 17 than me. So yeah, I think it's broken. Fix the game, and it'll fix my rating.


Amazing game. Simple to pick up, plenty of different paths to try. Plays well at 2 and 3 player.


(3/17) 7. A really cool dice-rolling worker player placement. I enjoy worker placements games as it is and the extra touches in this game (the fact that your placement choices are somewhat limited by your rolls, the way that building buildings unlock new abilities, the "end of round" battles) definitely elevate it. Looking forward to playing it with the expansion. (10/17) Drop to 6. Just haven't had the urge to break it back out again in a while.