Designed by Andrea Chiarvesio and Luca Iennaco, Kingsburg is a briskly paced game for 2-5 players.

Players adopt the role of a governor, and vie for resources to build up their province, military power to defend their homes, and above all the influence of the King. Over five years (five turns) players rely on various advisors to the King for resources. From tangibles like gold, wood, and stone to soldiers and portents, each acquisition will shape the future of your community.

Kingsburg includes: Rulebook, Game Board, 5 Province Sheets, 21 Six-Sided Dice, 15 Disc Tokens, 60 Goods Cubes, 85 Building Tokens, 20 +2 inches Tokens, 1 King's Envoy Marker, 1 Season Marker, 1 Year Marker, 25 Enemies Cards inches.

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