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One of the games that I can do well. Have expansions.


It pretends to have a theme but it doesn't really work. I like my games more 'theme-y'.


Fluxx for thinkers. Tense, aggravating game that puts a premium on detecting and adapting to constant, subtle change. Best with two, OK with three, and chaotic but fun with four.


Similar to Race for the Galaxy, this card game seems like it should be played quickly, yet there are so many things to pay attention to. I think RftG incorporates the theme much better than this game does. As long as you can overlook this, it's an enjoyable game. Because of the information overload, I think 2-player should be the sweet spot for this game, but I haven't played it with more than 2.


Pretty much two player only at this point I believe. Honestly it's a pretty good game, but there are so many that fit this time and space category. The theme interests me, but it's not something I'll go seeking out, and I don't think it's fun at all with more than two players. I've got so many two player games I like more though.


Weight: 2.72 / 5


Trading my original edition, as I now have the deluxe complete edition from Kickstarter.


Bloody confusing.. I did not really enjoy my play as this game is very AP prone while players crane to look at all the other cards of all the other players... and then do that again as they forgot the first things they looked at and then.. oh wait it's my turn..I suspect i should give it a second play though. as I do like Glory to Rome, and I suspect there's some fun to be had here somewhere..


Innovation doth rock the house. It might even be my preferred 2-person card game over Dominion these days. I'll need to think on that one a bit more. The ability to play Dominion online gives it the edge, but if Innovation ever gets a good iOS app, look out.2/10/13: Innovation now has an online version by the Isotropic Dominion guy! I've played maybe 10 games so far, and while it has some rough edges, it definitely scratches the itch. Games run longer than Dominion, though, so I won't play it as often. Advantages over the physical version: running icon count and instant awarding of the special achievements. Also, being able to read opponent's cards right-side-up is surprisingly useful.


by paka

Still not quite sure. Mechanics are very intersting, but I can't quite figure out is it all about card-luck, as if you don't get something good to abuse you gonna have a bad day, or there's some possibilities to work around that.* Haven't played with 2 people yet, but 3 players seems better than 4.


Pure crazy, which makes for a great time. Very well themed.


Great card game with a lot of depth. The card rules can add a lot of variation to the game. Stored in Quiver case for portability.


After playing this game a couple more times Its starting to grow on me. I do think this game shines as a two player game, and it really gives me the feeling of a civ building game. I think the splaying tactic that this game uses is pretty awesome, and allows for some pretty cool techniques. I do also feel that a lot of this game makes you also pay attention to what your opponent is doing, because if you are not keeping up with them their is a potential for them to really mess with your tableau once you get to those later ages. overall a pretty fun game!


I played the first edition and was quite confused by most of. Luckily the later edition is much clearer and far prettier.


A finely-crafted game. It's got chaos and control, very unique mechanics (splaying is thoroughly original, the "sharing" is extremely fresh) and slightly more traditional ones (hand-management and throughput concerns), quick playing time, lots of interaction... If you hate games with lots of (manageable) player interaction, Innovation isn't for you--but otherwise, it is. Belongs in everyone's collection for its uniqueness and variety.


Only have the deck, don't have the player cards.


Lots of card text for very little control.


Not a bad play, but not a great one either. I suspect that with some more table time (played three times at this point) it might improve some. I'm giving it the shadow of the doubt, as I usually do with games I don't get excited about immediately.