XENON Profiteer

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Whoo! What a neat feeling! Part Mottainai and part...not quite Dominion. I love that there are basically two currencies but one of the currencies is action (distillation). With the deck constantly being thinned through both distillation and building there's a nice balance of deck management and tableau building. The cards are nice but the graphic design is the one thing I don't love. From a pure visual design standpoint it's fine (although a little "safe") but some of the choices don't work so well for gaming.


One of my favorite deck builders. Certainly my favorite light deck builder. Centering the entire game around thinning your perpetually expanding deck is a great twist on the old formula for this type of game.


A deckbuilder with some euro-ish elements that has you getting rid of cards just as often as you get new ones. Plenty of interesting decisions, varied scoring, and great variety from game to game. Brilliant end of game trigger mechanic. Really enjoyable.