Don't Be a Loser


Goal of the Game: To become the Big Winner, but more importantly, to NOT be the Big Loser!

The perfect party game for any social situation (where people have short attention spans!). Players can float in and out freely without interrupting game play and when it's not your turn you can pay attention as you please (usually just to make fun of other players!). Even your friends at the party who aren't actually playing can participate in the game, making the party way more fun for everyone!!!

Here is how to play...
1. Roll to see who you'll face off against in a 1-on-1 challenge
2. Draw a Challenge Card and announce the Challenge Type
3. Other players bet on who they think will win the challenge

1 Game Board
10 Player Pawns
10 Betting Chips
324 Challenge Cards
Sand Timer (60 Seconds)
2 Betting Squares
1 Ten-sided Die
Simple Instructions

MSRP: $29.95Lowest: $15.00

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