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Weight: 3.07 / 5Includes wooden insert


Worker placement game for 2-4 players with a nice twist: your workers will die over the course of the game and if you play it right, they will become part of the village chronicles. The game is quite accessible and takes about 10-15 minutes to explain and a 4 player games playes in 75-90 minutes (with experienced players probably 60-75).I've played with 2,3 and 4 players and the games scales nicely to suit the player count. As I have nothing quite like it in my collection, this one is a keeper.


After my first play I was pretty impressed. It has some interesting mechanics that are borrowed and beautifully re-worked.The art work is beautiful.


Good and not overlong--which, sadly, is not a given in recent eurogames. The interaction of action selection and cube selection is interesting, as well as timing the killing of your family members (which is awfully discordant with the superficially decent theming, but you can't have it all).


2 - 4 60 - 90 min


Despite the plethora of strategic options players can follow to earn victory points (hmmmm... shall I pack the city council with my partisans, or take an extended vacation in the countryside?), and the lovely mechanic where your meeples can -- and will -- die, this game wound up being not so enjoyable for me. Honestly, I think a lot of it was due to the physical fiddlyness of all those cubes and meeples, but also the it-takes-a-village theme didn't really resonate. Not saying it's a bad game, just not the right game for me.


The time element is better implemented in Tzolk'in.


Played this once. Was good. I probably like other similar games slightly better, but very good game. Like spending time as a resource.


Interesting take on worker placement. I do wish this was heavier or more stressful...or something. It feels like it's missing something and lacks interesting decisions.






What's not to like with a game that has plague cubes and workers dying and going to the cemetery?


Rating after 1 play. Still un-decided about this one. Hints at possibility of more in depth strategies but they didn't appear in our first game. Expect my ratings and views to change.



fffIt's another Euro. The interesting bit in this one is that your resources age and die. Not enough variety to get a ton of plays, but it's lots of fun. I dislike how you are more or less forced to work the market into your strategy somehow.


2-4, 75m


Village is a contemplation on a person's place in history. Be they a world traveler, career politician, noble monk, or skilled craftsman, everyone wants to be remembered. Village manages to utilize time as a resource in that one's workers are transient. Eventually time will run out, and you will be called upon to reap the soul of a cherished worker, losing access to the benefits of their profession, but hopefully solidifying their legacy. This mechanic alone makes Village compelling, but the additional mechanics laid on top transform it into something great.


(10/16) 7. (10/17) Drop to 5. Only have one play of this and think I might like it again. I really DO like the "death" mechanic where you sort of WANT to kill off your workers. But it reamins fairly bland and unremarkable in my memories. That said, wouldn't mind giving it another shot.