Star Trek Expeditions

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Definitely too easy on the easiest difficulty. Beyond that, a solid and enjoyable design, as you would expect from the good doctor. The components are awfully nice, though I can understand why some people dislike a) usability design (fonts, clicky et al--though I will forever love clickies), b) the characters' paint jobs, c) the generally bad cardstock. All of that said, the starships are outstanding, and on that I will brook no dissent.


Feels too dry and fiddly. There is a lot of adding up numbers. True, this is the case with other games like Arkham Horror also. Somehow it was more of an annoyance with this one. In our case the game did not result in a lot of Star Trek trash talk the way Fleet Captains does. Agreed with some commenters that the game system is made to be easily expanded. It would improve the game if there were a few more scenarios.


Uncertain as to replayability with the set missions, but there is more variety than expected with the small set of "Captain's Log: Supplemental" cards used per game. Some of these cards can throw the mission for a loop, and that's what makes this more "replayable" than it might at first appear. All-in-all, we're having fun with this. That's what counts.