Game Highlights: * Cooperative play for one to four players * Game Duration: ~60min * Ages: 14+ * Contains 6 highly detailed HeroclixTM painted 3D miniatures, including the 2009 Star Trek movie versions of the U.S.S. Enterprise and Klingon Battle Cruiser. * A new story set in the 2009 Star Trek movie universe * Branching mission system means high replayability factor. * Available June 15, 2011 Contents: * 6 highly detailed, painted HeroClix miniatures * 1 game board (23" x 24") * 14 Stardate cards * 42 Energize Cards * 21 Captain's Log Cards * 25 Captain's Log Supplemental Cards * 15 Regular and 5 Major Discovery Tokens * 1 Score Tracker, 4 away team cards, 4 turn order cards * 3 Custom dice

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