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Essen 18 shortlist


A great game and a production that goes above and beyond. One of my favorite worker placements.


More focused and novel than 95% of recent Euros, which tend to be sloppy kitchen-sink affairs. The climbing-game action-selection mechanism is pretty cute, and the different action spaces kind of almost interlock.


kinda Overproduction until the box weight is too heavy... the box thickness is crazy thick until it's hard to open sometime...game trayz did a good job for the insert ... the rulebook is easy to follow and learn ... gameplay duration is around 1.5 hour to 2 hour which is good. This game is like combine of several mini game in one and every place offer similar point awards, which lead to easy misfocus.




Enjoyable, unique take on worker placement. I'd love to play some more. Bought during MM sale. Edit: Just played solo for the first time. Great deal of fun; I played on easy mode and beat the AI by 13 points; will definitely have to up the difficulty next time. Solo game played under an hour, which is probably about as long as I would want it to go. Might be worth incorporating Meng at low player counts.


feel like Rajas of ganges but more interesting interaction


Player count has a weird impact here. At 2p, it is an interactive decision space with the potential for a rich metagame you can zero in on your opponents' decisions and make predictive choices based on what her cards are. As you add players, the game state changes make this more and more difficult to track, until at 5p, it becomes utterly useless to plan out at all. It becomes tactical in a framework that is supposed to be strategic. Not even sure why they bothered to suggest it could support 5p. I won't even bother.