This expansion is called Talon 1000 because it adds over 1000 scenarios to the game of Talon. With 4 sheets of expansion counters, most of which have ships printed on both sides, the game comes with approximately 130 new ships. For comparison, the base game came with a total of 54 ships. Some of the new counters are increased numbers of the current ship types, but many of them are additional ship designs with different weapon load outs and configurations. This gives a wide array of point values which makes scenario balancing easy.

The 1000 scenarios come from the tables of fleets that are built from all these new counters. Both the Talon and the Terran have 10 unique fleets at the 300 point level, the 400 point level, the 500 point level, etc. All the fleets on each table are within 1 point of the table's total with no special rules or counter changes required. There are 10 of these tables of increasing points. To play a random scenario, the players can either choose a point level or roll a 10 sided die to arrive at one. Then they each randomly roll a die on that table to determine their fleet. With 100 different scenarios possible from each table, the 10 tables give the players 1000 unique scenarios.

The "over 1000 scenarios" part comes from all the additional things included in the expansion - base assaults, terrain, etc.

Talon 1000 also includes Solitaire rules.

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Talon 1000 Expansion

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