Deep Madness


Deep Madness is a sci-fi horror board game for 1-6 players. Players cooperate as a team of investigators who are striving to solve the mystery of the seemingly abandoned Kadath deep-sea mining facility. The installation's communications have gone dark, and the investigators have been tasked with the job of finding out why. The answers they seek, though, may very well drive them to the very brink of madness - or beyond.

Along the way you and your fellow investigators will struggle to overcome grueling crises, be pushed to the very brink of terror, and encounter nightmarish aberrations that are controlled by the game itself. Each time you play you will select one chapter from the continuing story of Kadath station, each one with special rules and goals of its own. With each chapter completed you will find yourself one step closer to the truth. But you will also find yourself one step deeper into the world of madness.

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