Above and Below

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It was fine. I've played once so far. Benson has a tendency to sell games pretty hard and make sweeping generalizations that are often misleading. The game took way too long, though we enjoyed our play if it as a social gathering, but we had intended on playing Nippon, so I was disappointed a little, I think. I would play it again, though I don't think Shannon would like it as much as Benson claims.


Love the game. The design, the ease of learning, the artwork . . everything is great about this game. Two player games is fine for learning. It should be played with more than 2 though.


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by t2

Anniversary gift from Sam, 2017.


Charm! Charm! Charm! Game, you are so charming! Not actually the best game in the world and the stories wear thin after only a few plays but man...such charm. I still have a dream of writing new story books for this game but there's that whole "time" thing working against me.


Beautiful game but seems way too long. Not sure if the adventure book adds much to the game as all the choices seemed very straightforward: use larger exploration values to get better rewards. We got a few laughs out of it but it's the same as rolling dice for resources - just drags the game out.


Very light and a bit too family-friendly for my tastes. I like my adventures to have a bit more grit in them.


Solidly interesting Worker placement / Narrative game. Fun with kids, dont know that it works with adults as well. Will look forward to trying Near and Far some time.


The story paragraph thingies are reasonably diverting, but the overall game is exceptionally light and random. The buildings are random, the dice can (and will) hose you, and who knows if your story rewards will give you anything vaguely helpful and/or thematically coherent. It's pretty and inoffensive, but that isn't exactly high praise.


A light-medium worker placement game with a neat narrative component added via the story book which the other player will read and you get to pick your actions. The only reason it gets a 7 over a 6 is because the storybook element is fun and adds quite a bit to the game.


Kickstarter Project http://kck.st/1M1Iu3u - Backed: 03/02/2015 - Funded: 03/25/2015 - Pledge Level: Pledge $50 or more: "Expanded Edition of Above and Below, including all completed stretch goals." Estimated delivery: Dec 2015 Ships anywhere in the world - Payment: $50 - Survey: - Projected Delivery: 12/2015 - Shipped: Status: DELIVERED


The game involves a lot of story telling scenarios and is very theme heavy. Too dependent on rolling the dice.


I think this may have been my first Ryan Laukat game and I was quite impressed with the level of detail that went into the artwork, encounters book, iconography, and gameplay. I would never have sought out a game with a storytelling component but this game does it in a "choose your own adventure" kinda way that really works!


2-4 players (best 3) 90 minutes


I really like the story part of this game, it is very different from my normal dryer Euros. I always have fun playing and am glad that a couple of people in my group own it already.


August 2019 $29.99


Fun story driven resource gathering game. A little too much reading, especially after playing a few times when the same stories start showing up again and again.


Really enjoy this game. Once you get the hang of it the gameplay isn't too long, especially with only two players. I like that you can choose your own path to victory and there isn't necessarily a "wrong" way of collecting Villiage Points (victory points) – whoever does best within his chosen path can succeed, regardless of the tactic.


Includes expansion storybook


This is a game the wife picked and backed on KS. Hearing reviews describe this as a bit like Arabian Nights, put me off this a little bit, as i tend to find that game too random for its game play length. First game in though and it's more worker placement with a pinch of storytelling when exploring. In what is becoming typical Ryan Laukat game, it has a unique style and feel. This is the second of his games i've played, the first being Ancient World and as a designer, publisher,artist etc he is certainly raising the bar. Keep up the good work ! Having got a number of plays in of this game, you may remember a story recurring but not necessarily the rewards taken.




Great fun to play with people and explore the world as you try to dominate your friends at building villages in it.


Kind of interesting action selection game. Beautiful game, but I'm not sure how well it stands up as you get familiar with the different encounters.


This game is awesome. There are a few issues that we have come across. 1. The cards that allow you to hire a worker without making them rest before using them seems to be over powered. 2. We are already regularly running into the same stories. I would love a replacement book that would have all new stories. Maybe a fan expansion will show up soon...


Worker placement with light story telling.


I understand why people love this game, but it is not my style. I find that some of the buildings are wickedly overpowered, and lock players into obvious, and reoccurring strategies. Also, when exploring, higher roll requirements always yield better payouts, thus preventing players the opportunity to create and explore their own stories, at least not without sacrificing theirscore. This is a disappointment considering the story aspect is the game's hallmark feature.


Everything Laukat has been touching lately has turned to gold. I nice WP game with some story telling of Arabian Nights is a wining combo with my SO and I. Kickstarter


Theme/Art: It's Ryan Laukat, so the art is beautiful. The theme is great too, everybody I played with loved the exploring mechanic, because the stories you read to each others are great. Some are pretty basic like 'You see a lake with a boat, do you want to catch a fish or keep exploring?', but others are much longer (sometimes they spread over several paragraphs) or give you unique rewards. Production quality: Very good, especially the coins are great. Everything is thick cardboard, so it will last some time. Replayability: There are key and star houses which are different each game, the other houses, villagers and outposts are different in their order, same for the caves. Also, the encounter book has over 200 stories and a game of 4 players usually contains about 20encounters. I guess it can get repetitve after 10+ plays, because you will recognise many encounters, but those 10 plays will be a blast! Depth/Difficulty: It takes about 15 minutes to teach and it is not very difficult, but it has quite a lot going on and the villager mechanic is very unique. It also takes a lot of space! Strategy: You should get some new villagers early on and try to explore a lot and hope you get lucky with your explorations. Or you can simply stack resource houses and fill your advancement track. So you can follow different strategies. Luck: There is quite a bit of luck involved, because everything you can purchase (houses, new villagers, outposts) has only a small selection for sale at a time, but the biggest luck factor are the explorations. Sometimes you explore with 3 of your villagers ready to beat everything the caves have to offer, but all you get is explore 5 and a coin and a fish. Then the next player goes into a cave and receives 5 coins, an amethyst and the cheapest outpost available. But I guess that's what you get from exploring dark caves! Above and Below takes 75-100 minutes to play, depending on the number of players and their familiarity with the game. I and all the people I played with loved the game and especially the exploration mechanic and its encounters. I backed Near and Far inclouding the new encounter book for Above and Below and can't wait to get it on the table!


(10/17) 5. Decent enough game. There's not much to the storytelling aspect as it just sort of gives you a random choice and doesn't really build on anything. The game also seems to end a round too soon. Fine game, but not remarkable.


Nice balance. Great story telling component. Expect to play frequently.