Queen's Architect

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Excellent medium euro. I really enjoy the builders in this game and how they turn after they are exhausted for certain actions. Roundel is cool, I like that it is 6 spaces and you can move 1-3 spaces per turn. Won both games played so far. Looking forward to playing more.


In Queen's Architect, players must manage various workers to quickly gain the appreciation of the Queen. The various ways players may rotate these workers creates a satisfying puzzle to solve each turn. Workers can construct buildings, repair something (what exactly, remains thematically very unclear), day labor for cash, or rest at the tavern. Each of these actions will allow players to rotate their various workers in several different ways, and offer the core of the game's decisions. The addition of a variable appreciation track creates a decision space wrought with arithmetic, which will thrill some and agonize others. I enjoy it, but be warned, you'd best bring your abacus because this Queen is one mathy monarch.