Unlock! The Formula

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This was a good unlock, I enjoyed this one. Again, I won't go into details in order to avoid spoiling the game for someone reading my comments.


Reasonably fun escape room but to be honest it didn't do a single novel thing. It felt like someone took all the character out of a normal escape room and the most common puzzle types. The app is basically pointless for this deck and the limited use it has could have been done some other way.


Played and then gave it away to a good home. Had a few logic jumps and maybe an answer given in error but I still enjoyed it.


the puzzle seem easy and no so challenging ..




Absolute dumpster fire. Fails at nearly everything it attempts. I wouldn't gift this to anyone I wanted to have a good time.


Having played a few Exit games prior, Unlock just didn't stand up. The experience comes across more as a point-and-click adventure game than an escape room. Additionally, the puzzles themselves are bland. Combine this with that, then combine that with this, and so on. Perhaps it is simply that the Unlock games are easier than those of the Exit series, but I was disappointed overall with the Unlock games I have tried thus far.