Wir Sind Das Volk!

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Played half a game as a learning game, then one full game. I think we got all the rules right, although it's really questionable since the Berlin situation is so fiddly and complicated. However, the game feels a little dry to me and I can't really get into the theme of it, despite it being a highly thematic game. The mechanics themselves aren't quite enough to make me excited to want to play this.Might give it another try or two before deciding to trade/sell it.


Fascinating so far. As the West, you're trying to keep your economy humming while putting out small fires--as the East, all you have are fires, and you are trying to stay alive. I don't typically like siege games, so time will tell if I like getting repeatedly punched in the junk by history; but it's undeniably interesting. The rules need some work, though.


Draws comparisons to Twilight Struggle for lots of reasons, but it is a vastly different game. It's far more asymmetric, significantly more strategic/less tactical, and it has far less luck. The shared card pool creates a different type of tension, as the game is no longer about hand/crisis management, but more about trade-offs. There are some very powerful events you may have to pass over so that your opponent doesn't get a huge leg up.