Every day in Mumbai, over 100,000 home-cooked meals packed in tins or "tiffins" are hand-delivered to workers across the city. An accurate, fast-moving network of delivery people called "dabbawallahs" expertly navigate by train and bicycle to make sure every meal makes it to its recipient in time for lunch.

In Tiffin, you and your group of dabbawallahs work feverishly to deliver your tiffins and maximize your earnings. To win this exciting game, you must collaborate and compete with skill, choosing routes and watching for shortcuts, while hoping a flat tire won't slow you down, and an ambitious competitor won't beat you out.

80 Player Cubes
20 Competitor Cubes
10 Route Cards
45 Delivery Cards
4 Flat Tire Cards
4 Shortcut Cards
1 Score Track
9 Tiffin Tracking Cards
1 Competitor Track
4 Player Reference Cards
1 Rules

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