Samurai Spirit

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Totally functional, unremarkable in most every way. Strip away the tiny tokens and you have a decently fun solitaire card-flipping experience. Thoroughly just OK!


Awesome CO-OP game. I love the idea of either adding the number to your battle line or adding it to your defense and its just such an interesting concept. It gives me the feeling of a tower defense game but with a Japanese theme. Plus it literally has a BEAST mode and it makes that game even better when it unlocks new powers. plus it adds another layer of strategy deciding when to go beast mode. I also like that you have to decide do I need this number to bounce out my battle line or should I add it to my defense? You can't forget about defense because whatever is not defended at the end of the round causes a reaction.


What else could one rate this game than seven (but it's pretty fun so I'll knock it up a .5). This is a game about leveraging special powers, and doing so real hard. You've got nothing else to keep you and the villagers safe, so get to it.


This game feels very much like a simplified version of ghost stories. The premise of a village being threatened is similar. I thought this game would be worth keeping because it's not terribly complicated to teach. However, the randomness of the cards can make some games punishing and others a breeze. The only thing my wife hates more than me punishing her via gameplay is the rulebook doing it for me lol.


Easy to teach and quick to play. One of my favorite co-ops.


A difficult co-op that feels like it should have come with recommended character sequences, because how certain characters are placed around the table matters a lot.


Cooperative blackjack-esque game. Theme is a cross between The Seven Samurai and Bloody Roar. Worth noting that its packaging and insert have absolutely no waste, which I appreciate tremendously. I like it quite a bit (especially for the theme) but there are stronger coops.