Dominion: Alchemy Expansion

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Alchemy is a fine expansion. My only knock against it is that it doesn't fit as seamlessly with the rest in that oftentimes you're either playing with potion cards or you aren't. Having a kingdom with one potion card is essentially having a nine-card kingdom. This is not a bad thing. It just means that the Alchemy cards don't get used as often.


FULLY SLEEVED 150 x Swan PanAsia Standard Euro: Standard (SWN-025, 160/pack) - (60 x 92mm)


Not the best expension for Dominion. Includes some (really) powerful cards, like Golem (play two actions for nothing) and Pocession (as devious as Torturer, people raged a lot more with this one) but you can't really include this when playing with totally random cards. If you want to play with this one you should at least put 3 Alchemy cards in your kingdom, otherwise they would just be ignored.


I'm still a sucker for Dominion and its expansions. Always happy to play.


2010-10-04 - Bought 2010-12-15 - As far as expansions go, I don't really like this one. The potion requirement plus the feeling that I am not really accomplishing anything doesn't help either when playing with the other expansions. 2013-08-28 - Sold (selling Dominion collection)


The extra resource (potions) just made the game complicated without benefits to gameplay.