Wok Star (2nd Edition)

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Now this was fun. It captures some of the excitement of Miss Poutine, in that you are shouting for needed ingredients under time pressure. The co-op kibbutzing is still there between rounds, but during the rounds themselves there is no time for any sock-puppetry as everyone is just grabbing dice.


The game was taught to me by an idiot who tried to simplify some rules and fought us was we tried to point out what rules we were getting wrong. Playing it, I did not feel any sense of urgency. We flipped a ticket, looked at the recipe, decreased the correct ingredients, and called for a die when any one was low. The game did not seem fun, just tedious. The events just added more luck to the game without adding any meaningful depth. Using them to randomly and unevenly distribute more dice to players just felt like a poorly thought out decision.


Great co-op game. Fast, fun, and everyone is involved.


2 plays only