Dominion: Dark Ages Expansion

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The introduction of Ruins messes with what I've come to see as normal strategies. I have not yet attempted to make use of the Rats cards, and don't intend to. There are some cards that I like though, the Urchin/Mercenary was good in one of my games.


Hilarious one, I like this one a lot. It’s the opposite of prosperity. December 2018 $25.36


I like it, and it's only rated 6 because I don't like carrying it around as it doubles the space I need to carry the game (Dominion)


Very interesting expansion for Dominion, with a lot of text :) I wouldn't recommend this for beginners, but for the more experienced Dominion player who wants some more variation and some more complex cards.


I'm still a sucker for Dominion and its expansions. Always happy to play.


Dark Ages games can tend to slow the game down, as they do not generate wealth, which is the point. I like Dark Ages with original Dominion. If you don't mind a slightly longer game and poorer game, add Dark Ages to your Dominion collection.